Welcome to the subject guide for Digital Scholarship (DS) and Digital Humanities (DH) at Falvey. The purpose of this guide is to provide an introduction to the topics, methodologies, and tools of DS and DH, along with other resources for scholars engaged in this kind of research.

WHAT IS Digital Scholarship

and Digital Humanities?

Digital scholarship (DS) encompasses a broad range of scholarly activities  that incorporates digital technologies and methodologies to produce new forms of scholarly outputs across disciplines. 

Similarly, the digital humanities (DH) is an area of research, collaboration, teaching, and creation concerned with the intersection of computing, digital technologies, and humanities scholarship. 

Both terms are very broad in their definitions and can differ depending on who you ask. The two terms are often used interchangeably, with DS being the more inclusive term for all disciplines.

At the most basic level, both DS and DH extend traditional methods of research, teaching, and collaboration by incorporating digital technologies, including but not limited to digital mapping (GIS), text and data mining, data visualization, virtual reality, digital archiving, network analysis, and digital publishing.

To get started and learn more about DS and DH, check out the following resources and the links in the left-navigation of this guide:


If you are interested in learning more about DS and DH, Falvey Library’s Digital Scholarship program hosts lectures on digital scholarship and digital humanities topics, partners on digital research projects, and provides a collaborative space for consultations and technology training at their Digital Scholarship Lab.

Located on the second floor of the library in Room 218A, the  Digital Scholarship Lab supports Villanova faculty, students, and staff who are working on developing digital projects, or are interested in learning more about digital media, digital humanities, or data-intensive research and teaching.

Check out Falvey's upcoming lectures and workshops, or schedule a consultation with us to discuss a digital project you are working on at digitalscholarship@villanova.edu. You may also contact Erica Hayes, Digital Scholarship Librarian at erica.hayes@villanova.edu.