"We live in a society where African American history is taught as an elective instead of as a requirement; where we have to disbar our culture because it is not professional; where we have to prove our competence and intellectual capabilities, and thereafter live with the label 'you’re not really black.' We live in a… enough is enough.

In our present day, and contrary to popular belief, African Americans are perceived as second-class citizens. Fueled with anger and passion, we organize peaceful protests yet are called savages — while looters and enraged sports fans who burn and flip cars are simply just celebrating their favorite team’s victory. These comparisons have been made so frequently, we have become numb to such outlandish comments.

As much as we are aware that changes need to be made, we cannot do this alone. I welcome you to educate yourself about the struggles we have and unfortunately still continue to endure physically, mentally, and verbally. Ignorance is bliss but only to the ignorant."

– Juwan Rainer (VSB ’18)

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On Wednesday, April 18, 2018, Dr. Terry Nance, Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer, gave a talk in Falvey Library's Speakers' Corner on the language of race and the movement from multicultural education to intercultural education. The link above contains her powerpoint presentation.