Major Resources for both Electrical and Computer Engineering

contains IEEE Xploretechnical literature in electrical engineering, computer science, and electronics.

Scopus is the most comprehensive multi-disciplinary database of peer-reviewed literature. Also good for citation analysis.

Compendex from Engineering Village is the most comprehensive engineering database, covering all disciplines. Use the FindIt button to locate the full text of the articles.

Web of Science Core Collection is good if you want to focus on the highest quality journals and conference proceedings.  You can compare the h-index of journals and conferences.

Major Computer Engineering Resources

acm-dl.jpgcontains not only the full text of every article published by ACM but also citations from major publications in computing.

CiteSeerXbetais an open source digital library that focuses primarily on the literature in computer and information science.

Dissertations and THeses

Use Dissertations and Theses @ Villanova University (ProQuest) to find theses from past students.  For a broader search, use Dissertations and Theses Global (ProQuest).


ASTM Standards and Engineering Digital Library

Standards can be discovered using IHS Markit, a commerical provider of standards from multiple sources.  These standards must be purchased, although a small fraction are free.   Alfred Fry purchases standards on a case-by-case basis.

Books and E-Book Collections

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EngineeringPro from Books24x7 contains thousands of electronic books from top publishers. Defaults to searching both EngineeringPro and ITPro, but you can use the drop down menu to limit to either collection.

Synthesis Digital Library is a collection of 50- to 100-page electronic books that synthesize important research or development topics, authored by a prominent contributors to the field. The publisher attempts to offer unique value to the reader by providing more synthesis, analysis, and depth than typical research journal articles. They are also more modular and dynamic than traditional print or digital handbooks.

O'Reilly for Higher Education provides access to over 35,000 ebooks, 30,000 hours of video, curated learning paths, technology manuals, case studies, audio books, and videos covering fields ranging from software development, business, management, career development, engineering, design and more. Formerly known as Safari Books Online.

SL-books-logo.jpg is a large collection of e-books including new works in Computer Science and Engineering.

Patent Information

Some patent information can be found in both IEEE Xplore and Scopus, but there are several sources whose sole purpose is to provide patent information.

Google Patents contains patents from the 3 major patent sources (USPTO, EPO, WIPO) in a more user-friendly interface. Foreign language patents have buttons for the original language and English (using Google Translate). One button translates the entire patent.

For US Patents: US Patent and Trademark Office

For European Patents: European Patent Office Foreign language patents have buttons that translate using Google Translate. Translations must be done for each section.

For many other countries: PATENTSCOPE from WIPO. Also contains US and EPO patents. Foreign patents can be translated by cutting and pasting into WIPO Translate.

Other Useful Resources

SAE Digital Library requires a password. Email Alfred Fry.

Optics InfoBase contains all OSA journals and recent OSA conference proceedings.