Below is a list of current course guides

Typically course guides are created by subject librarians as a resource for classes that come into the library for a library information sessions.

Course guides can also be created upon faculty request by subject librarians even if they are unable to bring their class in for a library session.

If you are a faculty member and would like your subject librarian to create a course guide for one of your classes, you can contact your subject librarian directly or fill out this form.

TitleSubject AreaCourse NumberInstructor
Ways of Reading: Lit AnalysisEnglishENG 2250Berthold, M.
The Literary ExperienceEnglish1050-02Fattori, M.
Literary Experience - VelezEnglishENG 1050Velez, C.
Literary Experience-McColeEnglish1050-006McCole, M.
Ways of ReadingEnglish2250-001Mullen, M.
Portraying Disability in LiteratureEnglishENG 1975 - 001, 012Fattori, M.
Literary Experience: The American Life (Potok)English1050-008Potok, R.
Core Seminar: Borders Migrations (Potok)English1975-012 Potok, R
Modernist Manifestos HonEnglishHon-3600Quigley, M.
Writing For Children in 19th Century America- FosterEnglishENG 500Foster, T.
Ways of Reading: An Introduction to the Methods of Literary Studies -DaileyEnglish2250-001Dailey, A.
Topics in the Renaissance - ShohetEnglish8260-001 Shohet, L.
Hon ACS AncientsEnglish1000-01Staples, C