The Library has only a few Asian newspapers and magazines in its collection.  However, newspaper and magazine articles which are not available in the collection can be requested through interlibrary loan. Selected databases that include Asian news sources are listed below as are instructions on how to discover newspapers and magazines locally through a Books & Media search as well as nation-wide with the help of WorldCat.

Visit the Library's Newspapers & Magazines guide to learn more about research with serial publications. The Library's News guide lists a wide range of current news sources.


Selected Newspaper Archives

Articles & More Search
Search all the Library's electronic collections in all disciplines simultaneously. Use the News and/or the Magazine filter to focus search results.

Nexis Uni  Limitations on Use
Includes among others a large selection of national and international newspaper and magazine articles and news transcripts. Coverage varies.

Ethnic NewsWatch (ProQuest)
Offers access to the full text of articles from newspapers, magazines, and journals of the ethnic, minority, and native press. While most of the content is in English, some content in non-English languages is included. Coverage for most newspapers and magazines goes back to the early 1990s, but earlier content is also available.

Eighteenth Century Journals (Adam Matthew Digital)  Limitations on Use
Features journals and newspapers published between 1685 and 1815 in England, Scotland, Ireland, Jamaica, and British India. Topics covered are wide-ranging and include colonial life, provincial and rural affairs, the French and American revolutions, reviews of literature and fashion, political debates, and London coffee house gossip.

Online Newspaper Archives Index (Wikipedia)
Identifies and links to selected online newspaper archives worldwide.

Selected Magazine Archives

Online Magazine Archives Index (Wikipedia)
Identifies and links to selected online magazine archives worldwide.


Discover Newspapers and Magazines through Library of Congress subjects

WorldCat is ideally suited for the discovery of serial publications. It employs the same Library of Congress subjects used in Falvey’s Books & Media catalog but includes nearly all English language newspapers and magazines ever published as well as many foreign language news sources.

Library of Congress subjects facilitate the discovery of unknown news sources that match a set of criteria. Looking up an already known newspaper or magazine is one way to start. For example, a title search for China Daily will retrieve multiple records for this newspaper. Click on the first match to open the full record to see the Library of Congress subjects assigned to this newspaper. 


Click on the "Beijing (China) -- Newspapers" subject and on the Serials tab on the results page. This will generate a list of over 300 newspapers that either currently circulate in Beijing or have circulated there in the past, some are published in English, most in Chinese, and some in other languages. The hyperlinked subject for "China -- Newspapers" pulls up more than 3,000 newspaper records.

The WorldCat search interface offers a selection of helpful features including language and format restrictions. Matching records are ranked by the number of libraries worldwide that have full or partial runs of the publication in their collection. China Daily is held by nearly 70 libraries worldwide making it the second highest ranked Beijing daily in WorldCat. Only the People's Daily is held by more libraries but it is a Chinese language newspaper. While WorldCat lays claim to a worldwide network of libraries, English-speaking countries dominate the catalog which explains why an English language Chinese daily ranks in second place.

WorldCat records will include links to online editions of newspapers if they are freely available. While libraries generally do not loan print issues of newspapers to other libraries, they often share microfilm reels. Limit search results to microform and check whether the microfilm is held by a US library, then submit an interlibrary loan request.

The same approach can be used to discover magazines. The Library of Congress subject for magazines is "periodicals." A search for "India" and "Periodicals" in WorldCat retrieves over 26,000 matching records. Most of the periodicals are academic journals. The subject "Periodicals" is used for academic journals as well as for popular magazines. Narrowing the search by adding additional subject terms will make the list more manageable. A search for "Fashion -- India -- Periodicals" retrieves fewer than fifty matching records among them Woman's Era, an Indian fashion magazine that is published in New Delhi.