The Library has a large collection of reference works, most of them in electronic format. Use the custom search box below to search across most of the Library's electronic encyclopedias, handbooks, and companions or go directly to one of the recommended resources.

Art and Architecture of Ireland (Royal Irish Academy)
Offers an authoritative and fully illustrated account of the art and architecture of Ireland in five volumes from the early Middle Ages to the end of the 20th century.

American History (Oxford Research Encyclopedia)
Offers peer-reviewed topical introductions and literature reviews written by well-regarded authorities. Includes information on Irish immigrants in North America.

Cambridge Companions Online (Cambridge University Press)
Provides access to the complete collection of Cambridge Companions, a series of authoritative guides to subject- or theme-based essay collections, written by leading experts. Areas covered include literature, classics, philosophy, religion, culture and music. Includes among others companions to Irish modernism, the Irish novel, Irish poets, contemporary Irish poetry, 20th century Irish drama, and modern Irish culture.

Cambridge History of Ireland (Cambridge University Press)
Published in 2018 in four volumes covering the periods 600-1550 (volume 1), 1550-1730 (volume 2), 1730-1880 (volume 3), and 1880-present (volume 4).

Celtic Culture: A Historical Encyclopedia
Covers the entirety of the Celtic world, both through time and across geography.

Encyclopedia of American Immigration (Sharpe Reference)
Traces the scope and sweep of U.S. immigration from the earliest colonial settlements to the present, focusing on critical issues as well as the groups of people involved. Every major immigrant group and every era are fully documented and examined through detailed analysis of social, legal, political, economic, and demographic factors. Edited by James Ciment, Armonk, NY: Sharpe Reference, 2001.

Encyclopedia of American Immigration (Salem Press)
Covers events, laws and treaties, organizations and institutions, and Supreme Court rulings on immigration. Edited by Carl Bankston, Pasadena, CA: Salem Press, 2010.

Encyclopedia of Irish History and Culture (Macmillan Reference)
Presents cross-disciplinary essays on Irish history from prehistoric times to the present, treating both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland in detail.

Gale eBooks
Offers access to a collection of digital encyclopedias, handbooks, dictionaries, and directories in the arts, social sciences, business, and sciences. Formerly known as Gale Virtual Reference Library.

Historical Irish Corpus : Corpas Stairiúil na Gaeilge, 1600-1926 (Royal Irish Academy)
Presents a searchable corpus of Irish language texts featuring over 19 million Irish words from over 3000 printed texts.

Irish Research: A Guide to Collections in North America, Ireland, and Great Britain (Greenwood Press)
Compiled by DeeGee Lester and Jack W. Weaver, New York: Greenwood Press, 1987.

Medieval Ireland: An Encyclopedia
Multidisciplinary in coverage, this A-Z reference work provides information on historical events, economics, politics, the arts, religion, intellectual history, and many other aspects of life in Ireland from the sixth to sixteenth century.

Oxford Handbooks Online (Oxford University Press)
Provides digital access in selected disciplines. Each handbook introduces and surveys the state of scholarship in a field of study through review articles written by leading subject specialists. Articles review key issues and debates and set the agenda for new research. Includes among others the Handbook of Modern Irish History, the Handbook of Modern Irish Poetry, the Handbook of British and Irish War Poetry, and the Handbook of Contemporary British and Irish Poetry.

Oxford Bibliographies (Oxford University Press)  Tutorial
Presents peer-reviewed, annotated bibliographies and expert commentary on current scholarship in selected disciplines. Includes among others bibilographies of Atlantic history, British and Irish literature, medieval studies, and political science.