The Library owns some Irish and Irish American newspaper and magazine archives in digital and microfilm formats. Selected titles are listed below.

Included below are also instructions on how to discover additional Irish and Irish American newspapers and magazines in the Library's collection.

Visit the Library's Newspapers & Magazines guide to learn more about research with serial publications. The Library's News guide lists a wide range of current news sources.


Newspaper Database (National Library of Ireland)
Lists newspapers held by the National Library of Ireland. Includes Irish newspapers published abroad. Use WorldCat to identify U.S. holdings.

Online Newspaper Archives Index (Wikipedia)
Identifies and links to selected online newspaper archives worldwide.

Selected Newspaper Archives: Current

Irish Times (ProQuest Historical Newspapers)
Presents a complete archive of the Irish Times back to 1859 (except for the most recent two years) and the Weekly Irish Times (1876-1958).

Factiva (Dow Jones)
Provides access to international, national, and local news sources. Many different news media such as newspapers, magazines, wires, blogs and transcripts are aggregated in English and foreign languages. The content is current and archival with archives going back several decades. Includes The Irish Examiner, The Irish Independent, The Belfast Telegraph, The Irish News, The Irish Times, and many more.

Nexis Uni  Limitations on Use
Formerly known as LexisNexis Academic. Provides full text access to national and international newspaper and magazine articles and news transcripts. Coverage varies with archives going back several decades. Includes The Irish Examiner, The Irish Independent, The Belfast Telegraph, The Irish News, The Irish Times, and many more.

Ethnic NewsWatch (ProQuest)
Offers access to the full text of articles from newspapers, magazines, and journals of the ethnic, minority, and native press. While most of the content is in English, some content in non-English languages is included. Coverage for most newspapers and magazines goes back to the early 1990s, but earlier content is also available. Includes The Irish Voice, The Boston Irish Reporter, and Irish America.

Selected Newspaper Archives: Historical

America's Historical Newspapers (Readex)
Includes full text of selected early American newspapers published between 1690 and 1922 among them the Irish World (New York, 1890-1905).

British Library Newspapers (Gale)
Includes over 160 newspaper titles, and spans the years of 1732 to 1950 over five distinct collections. Illuminating diverse and distinct regional attitudes, cultures, and vernaculars, providing an alternative viewpoint to the London-centric national press. Includes the Belfast Morning News, the Belfast News Letter, the Cork Examiner, and the Freeman's Journals.

Burney Collection Newspapers: Seventeenth-Eighteenth Century (Gale)
Features the newspapers and news pamphlets gathered by the Reverend Charles Burney (1757-1817), representing the largest single collection of 17th and 18th century English news media. Includes the Irish Monthly Mercury and The Votes of the House of Commons of Ireland, both published in London.

Eighteenth Century Journals (Adam Matthew Digital)  Limitations on Use
Features journals and newspapers published between 1685 and 1815 in England, Scotland, Ireland, Jamaica, and British India.

Irish Newspapers in Falvey's Digital Library
Available titles include The Free State, The Irish Felon, The Irish People, The Irish Tribune, The Irish Worker and People's Advocate, The Irishman, The United Irishman, and The Waterford Chronicle.

Irish Newspapers on Microfilm in the Falvey Collection
Titles available include: An-Phoblacht/The Republic, Belfast News-letter, Dublin News, Evening Freeman, Evening Telegraph, Freeman's Journal, Irish Freedom, Irish Times, Irish Tribune, Irishman, Pilot, The Peasant, United Irishman, and The Weekly Nation.

Irish Times (ProQuest Historical Newspapers)
Presents a complete archive of the Irish Times back to 1859 (except for the most recent two years) and the Weekly Irish Times (1876-1958).

New York Times: 1851- (ProQuest Historical Newspapers)
Provides full text access to the complete New York Times archive except for the most current three years.

Nineteenth Century U.S. Newspapers (Gale)
Provides full text access to an array of major 19th-century American newspapers, regional newspapers, illustrated papers, and those published by groups and interests such as African Americans, Native Americans, women's rights groups, labor groups, and the Confederacy. Includes The Irish World and American Industrial Liberator (New York, 1890-1899).

Radical Newspapers, 1886-1939 (Irish Newspaper Archive)
Presents digital archives of more than 100 newspapers, bulletins, and pamphlets covering a broad sweep of nationalist, republican, feminist, and socialist publications. Many of the newspapers and bulletins in the collection were short-lived and the archive may hold only a handful of issues.
Funded with support from the College of Arts & Sciences and the Irish Studies Program.

The Irish Press (Philadelphia, 1918-1922)
This weekly newspaper was dedicated to Irish nationalism and to topics of interest to Irish-Americans. It was founded by Joseph McGarrity and published in Philadelphia from March 23, 1918 to May 6, 1922.

Times (London) Digital Archive, 1785-2012 (Gale)
Provides access to the archive of the Times of London from its inception through about five years ago.

Selected Magazine Archives

American Periodicals (ProQuest)
Provides access to the full text of American magazines and journals published from the colonial period to the early 20th century. Includes The Irish Shield. A Historical and Literary Weekly Paper (Philadelphia, 1829-1831).

British Periodicals (ProQuest)
Provides access to British periodicals published from the 17th through the early 20th century with the majority of content from the 19th century. Covers a broad range of topics. Includes among other titles the Irish Magazine, and Monthly Asylum for Neglected Biography, The Celtic Magazine, The Dublin Saturday Magazine, Duffy's Hibernian Magazine, and The Irish Catholic Magazine.

Irish Studies Journals (JSTOR)
Features close to 50 journals ranging from the late 18th century to the 21st century. Includes the Belfast Monthly Magazine, the Irish Penny Journal, and the Irish Monthly.

Online Magazine Archives Index (Wikipedia)
Identifies and links to selected online magazine archives worldwide.

Discover Newspapers and Magazines through Library of Congress subjects

WorldCat is ideally suited for the discovery of serial publications. It employs the same Library of Congress subjects used in Falvey’s Books & Media catalog but includes nearly all English language newspapers and magazines ever published as well as many foreign language news sources.

Library of Congress subjects facilitate the discovery of unknown news sources that match a set of criteria. Looking up an already known newspaper or magazine is a good way to start. For example, a title search for The Irish Times  will retrieve a record with the subject: Dublin (Ireland) -- Newspapers.


Subjects are hyperlinked and will generate lists of titles that share the same subject. Thus Dublin (Ireland) -- Newspapers produces a list of records for all the Dublin newspapers in the Falvey Library collection. Now that we are familiar with the Library of Congress subject phrasing for newspapers we can look for newspapers from Belfast: Belfast (Northern Ireland) -- Newspapers.

The same approach can be used to discover magazines. The Library of Congress subject for magazines is "periodicals." A subject search for Ireland -- Periodicals in Falvey's catalog retrieves close to 400 records among them The Irish Penny Journal, The Gael, and Duffy's Irish Catholic Magazine. Some of the periodicals on the list are academic journals such as The Journal of Irish Literature. The subject "periodicals" is used for magazines as well as for academic journals.