Finding Full Text with an Article Citation

You may often find that you have a full or partial article citation and you would like to find the full text.  Perhaps  your professor has asked that you read an article for class or you want to find the full text of an article that was cited in another resource.  The videos below demonstrate different methods for searching the library's full text holdings with a full or partial article citation.

Example Article Citation:


Article Title Search

This video demonstrates how to search by the title of the article using the library's Articles & More search.

DOI Search

This video demonstrates how to search for full text using the article's DOI, or digital object identifier in the library's Articles & More search.  For more information about DOIs, see the DOI: Digital Object Identifier guide.

Journal Finder

If searching by the article title or DOI is unsuccessful, or you do not have that information, you can look up the article by the title of the journal, or using the pieces of citation you do have.  The Journal Finder is the most definitive method for checking whether the library has electronic holdings for the journal volume that you need.

Interlibrary Loan through ILLiad

Although the library subscribes to many resources, we may not always have the article you need for your research.  If you see the message, "Sorry, no holdings available," or are otherwise unable to find your article even after searching the Journal Finder, you can still get the full text version of your article by requesting it through ILLiad, our interlibrary loan service.

The ILLIAD service allows you to borrow books from other libraries. You can also request electronic copies of articles from the Falvey collection (document delivery) and from other library collections. Our document delivery service for items from the Falvey collection can often be processed within 24 hours.

Full Text from Article Databases

findit.gifMost of the library's article databases link directly to our full text holdings.  If HTML or PDF full text is not available directly within the article record, click the Find It button.


Finding Full Text from the Search Tab

The Search Tab is home to the library's online catalog.  This video explains how to access full text from the Search Tab.


Finding Full Text from Google Scholar

Google Scholar users can link directly to Falvey Library's online holdings by setting their preferences.  For more information, see the Google Scholar Guide.