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Analysts Reports

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Analysts reports are also know as brokerage reports and may be written by analysts at investment banks, brokerage houses or independent company research firms. These reports are typically written for clients of the investment bank or brokerage as part of their comprehensive sales services. Actionable Buy/Sell/Hold recommendations set the analyst report apart from other company profiles. Hence, these reports may not be entirely objective, but they are still a good source of competitive intelligence because the analysts that write them closely monitor company developments in the news, on the street, with insiders and customers and suppliers.

 Analyst Reports

  Lexis Nexis Academic
Zach's reports are available by Source Directory Browse, Companies and Organizations, Company Analyst Reports, Zach's Equity Research

  Morningstar Investment Research Center
Best known for performance and financial data on mutual funds, Morningstar Investment Research Center is also a great source for company data and analyst reports.

  NetAdvantage (Standard & Poor's, Capital IQ)
Search the company tab by name and link to stock reports

  D&B Global Business Browser (formerly Onesource/Avention)
Search by company name, choose public parent. Analyst reports from investment banks and brokerages such as JPMorgan, Deutsche Bank, Royal Bank of Canada, Oppenheimer and Piper Jaffray are available.  Alternate access via News and Reports, Analysts' Reports

  Value Line Investment Survey
Designed to help investors analyze and select stocks by performing a broad range of functions including sorting, filtering (screening), graphing and reporting on individual stocks and groups of stocks.


Use the ticker BRCfunction to see a list of equity reports for particular companies. Bloomberg terminals are located in the Applied Finance Lab in Bartley Hall and a single terminal is available in Falvey Memorial Library.



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