Conference calls, sometimes called "earnings calls", are excellent sources for competitive insight into a public company's performance, strategy and projections.  Top executives such as CEOs, CFOs and other C-Suit members typically host conference calls on the web to explain quarterly results.  Typically the executives make prepared statements and then open up the call to questions from equity analysts following the firm.  Ordinary investors can listen in or read the transcripts after the fact.

EarningsCast Provides audio and calendar of calls

Seeking Alpha Search by company name and link to the Transcripts tab

Fair Disclosure Wire is available on ABI Inform.

Investor Relations pages on company web sites often provide audio or transcripts of earnings calls.

Bloomberg Terminals in the Applied Finance Lab and Falvey Memorial Library provide access with the function.


  Morningstar Investment Research Center
Search by company name or ticker and link to the transcripts tab.

  D&B Global Business Browser
Search by company name and link to transcripts