Getting Citations Using Library Databases

Most library article databases have tools that automatically generate APA citations.  When viewing an article abstract click on the cite icon and cut and paste the citation into the references cited list in your document. 

One caveat is in order, sometime there are mistakes (usually involving capitilization) in the citations generated.  If the citation generated is inaccurate, you can still save time by cutting and pasting the citation and editing it.  Use the Purdue OWL, Research & Documentation Online, your print APA Manual and APA Style Guide to Electronic Resources to identify the correct citation form.

 In ABI/Inform a Proquest Database


And This Pop-Up Displays the APA Citation


In Business Source Premier an EBSCOhost Database



Refworks is a library subscription that allows you to manage citations and bibliographies.  You can export citations directly from library subscriptions or type in bibliographic information and Refworks will generate citations for you.  To get started you need to access Refworks from the library page and sign up for an account.

  RefWorks (ProQuest)
Offers an online system allowing users to gather, manage, and store bibliographic citations and references. Also allows user to generate footnotes and bibliographies in a variety of scholarly formats.
This Falvey guide to RefWorks provides information on using the resource.

Examples of APA Citations

These are examples of APA citations for materials HRD students are likely to need to cite but that are not readily managed by free bibliography generators tools such as Easybib or Noodletools.

Article on a Web Page (Not Part of Journal or Newspaper)


Smith, A. (2012, June 18). U.S. Supreme Court rejects overtime claims in FLSA ruling.Retrieved from

Article from a digital newsletter or journal


Fox, A. (2012, June 1). Reach new heights. [Editorial]. HR Magazine, 57(6). Retrieved from

For the same article retrieved from a library subscription database

Fox, A. (2012). Reach new heights. [Editorial],  HRMagazine, 57(6), 34-39. Retrieved from

Research Report


Hay Group. (2011, May) The Wall Street Journal/Hay Group 2010 CEO Compensation Study. Retrieved from

Presentation Slides for Same

Hay Group. (2011, May) The Wall Street Journal/Hay Group 2010 CEO Compensation Study. [Presentation Slides].Retrieved from

Summary or Press Release (Remember never cite a summary as if you had used the full document!)

The Wall Street Journal/Hay Group Compensation Study 2010. (n.d.) Retrived from

Data Sets or Statistics


Bureau of Labor Statistics. (2012) Employment cost index: Private industry wages and salaries 2002-2012. [data file]. Retrieved from


U.S. Office of Personnel Management. (2010). 2008 federal human capital survey. [data set and codebook]. Retrieved from