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Use Advanced Search when you need to look for multiple keywords or concepts, or if you need more detailed search options. Follow the guidelines below for finding news on a particular topic using Advanced Search in databases provided by Falvey Library. 

The examples below focus on ProQuest Central, a major newspaper database. However, the steps can also be used in other newspaper databases. The Advanced Search may have a different layout and look, but the Advanced Searching concepts can still be applied. 

How do I locate the Advanced Search? 

After opening a database, look for the Advanced Search option (usually located near the search box). The database may also automatically default to the Advanced Search.  

Multiple Search Bars 

Once you are viewing the Advanced Search option, you will see multiple search bars. You can use these to search for a specific title, author, subject, etc., or to perform a multi-level keyword search. 

Multi-Level Keyword Search

  1. To perform a multi-level keyword search, each search bar should contain one concept or idea.
  2. To expand your search, add synonyms for the keywords in each search bar. 
  3. Separate synonyms with the word OR (in all caps). 

Example of a multi-level keyword search in ProQuest Central

Search for a Specific Element 

Search for specific publications, authors, or subjects by adding more lines to your advanced search.

  1. Click Add a row below the second search bar. 
  2. Select an element from the drop-down menu on the right. These will allow you to search for a specific title, author, subject heading, or in the text of an article itself. 

    1. In the example below, we added a search bar to look for a specific publication title, the New York Times

This search will find artcles that match the concepts in the first two lines. By adding the third line, the search will also limit our results to only include articles with the publication title New York Times


Below the Advanced Search bars, you can refine your search further by date, type of publication, language, and more. 

When searching for newpaper articles, it is highly recommended that you modify the date range for your search. Otherwise, your search will return too many hits and will be difficult to manage. 

Example filters from ProQuest Central

Narrow Search Results

When viewing search results, you can refine your results again by using the filtering options (called database limiters) on the side of the screen. Like the filters above, these options often include limiting results by publication date, subject, language, and type of publication. 

Example from ProQuest Central