Below is a list of current course guides

Typically course guides are created by subject librarians as a resource for classes that come into the library for a library information sessions.

Course guides can also be created upon faculty request by subject librarians even if they are unable to bring their class in for a library session.

If you are a faculty member and would like your subject librarian to create a course guide for one of your classes, you can contact your subject librarian directly or fill out this form.

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TitleSubject AreaCourse NumberInstructor
Spanish Research Seminar - SPA 3970 - Adriano DuqueRomance Languages and LiteraturesSPA 3970Duque, Adriano
Hispanic Cinema - SPA 3074 - Jaime Salinas ZabalagaRomance Languages and LiteraturesSPA 3074Salinas Zabalaga, Jaime
Advanced Spanish Conversation & Composition - SPA 1132 - Agnese CodebòRomance Languages and LiteraturesSPA 1132Codebò, Agnese
Introduction to Spanish Linguistics - SPA 3214 - Maria Laura LenardonRomance Languages and LiteraturesSPA 3214Lenardon, Maria Laura
Part and Whole - FFS 3412 - Benjamin BakerRomance Languages and LiteraturesFFS 3412Baker, Benjamin
Latinx USA Hoy SPA 3412-006 - SándezRomance Languages and LiteraturesSPA 3412-006 Sández, Laura