Newspapers and other review sources

The resources listed below are a selection of options where you might find theatrical reviews. Reviews can also often be found in book collections and journal articles and you will need to be creative in your searching.

Tip on where to start
If you're searching for reviews of productions in New York City start with The Historical New York Times, if you are looking for productions in the UK or even bigger productions in France start with The Times Digital AND/OR The British Library Newspaper Collection all of which can be found below under "Historical Newspapers."   

Important things to keep in mind when searching newspapers:

  • Look carefully at their descriptions to help you identify coverage date ranges.  
  • When searching in the databases it helps to specify date ranges, especially if you are searching a historical newspaper. So for example if you are looking for a review of a specific play in the Historical New York Times, you should limit the date range to the year in which the play opened to ensure you get useful articles rather than every article related to that play that has been published in the over 200 years of records they have available. 
  •  When searching historical newspapers be aware of the language you are using. The algorithms search for words in the newspaper, rather than concepts, so using modern terminology for something from the 1800s may not work. 

 Current Newspapers

 Historical Newspapers