Falvey Memorial Library offers a growing portfolio of à la carte workshops and presentations. Choose any workshop or presentation from one of the menus below and schedule it with the form on this page. It’s as simple as that. This service is available to all members of the Villanova University community. Presenters will get in touch with you to discuss further details.

Falvey’s experts are also available to meet with you individually. Use the Schedule a Research Appointment form to set up an individual training session or visit Find Your Subject Librarian to book a meeting with a librarian of your choice.

Citation Management

  • Citation Wrangling
    Learn the ins and outs of citation management with Zotero and Mendeley
    Presenters: Nik Fogle, Alfred Fry
  • Chicago-style
    Learn the ins and outs of Chicago-style
    Presenter: Jutta Seibert
  • APA Style
  • MLA Style
    Learn the ins and outs of MLA style
    Presenter: Sarah Wingo

Digital Scholarship

  • Text Analysis 101
    Analyzing textual data with computational tools can aid in both reading and interpretation, allowing us to discover patterns and trends across large volumes of text. This workshop introduces text analysis and software for text and data mining like AntConc and Voyant tools.
    Presenter: Erica Hayes
  • Data Visualization with Tableau
    What makes a good data visualization? In this session, we will discuss how to tell a compelling story using effective visual elements. We will also provide a gentle introduction to using Tableau Desktop Public, a free software that allows individuals to publish interactive data visualizations on the web.
    Presenter: Erica Hayes
  • Storytelling and GIS
    While maps have been around for centuries, the digital age has given them new meaning. GIS software offers users the potential to visualize analyze, and tell spatial stories. Learn more about GIS and the many online mapping platforms out there, including Esri Story Maps, Social Explorer, and StoryMapJS.
    Presenter: Erica Hayes


  • Measures of Impact
    Learn about impact factors, face impact factors, other citation measures, and altmetrics.
    Presenters: Alfred Fry, Deborah Bishov
  • Selecting a Journal for Publication
    Librarians discuss resources that assist with the discovery and evaluation of journals for publication.
    Presenters: Alfred Fry, Jutta Seibert
  • Use, Publish, Share: Creative Commons Licensing
    Learn about a wealth of open access resources that can be re-used with proper attribution under Creative Commons licensing.
    Presenters: Sarah Wingo, Deborah Bishov, Jutta Seibert

Research Tools

  • Staying Alert: Tracking New Books and Publications in Your Field
    Let your inbox be your watchdog and get notified of new publications on your interests or new citations of your work.
    Presenters: Susan Turkel, Sarah Hughes
  • Introduction to Data Management
    Learn about best practices for data management and data management plans.
    Presenter: Alfred Fry
  • Research Training for Graduate Assistants & Fellows
    Presenters: Sarah Wingo, Merrill Stein

Instruction & Information Literacy

  • Open Educational Resources
    Open educational resources can reduce textbook costs for students and push publishers to reconsider their textbook publishing models. If you are not entirely satisfied with the textbook you are using and are interested in learning about options, this workshop is for you.
    Presenter: Linda Hauck
  • Fair Use in Academic Settings
    Learn about the 4 factors of Fair Use from a former member of the American Library Association's Copyright Advisory Network.
    Presenter: Alfred Fry
  • Fact, False, or Just Flawed: Critically Examining News
    Presenter: Sarah Wingo