Faculty and staff are welcome to request library workshops and presentations by filling out the form on this page. A staff member will get in touch to discuss further details. Workshops may be taught virtually or in-person as we continue to assess COVID-19 circumstances.

Falvey’s experts are also available to meet with you individually. Use the Schedule a Research Appointment form to set up an individual training session or visit Find Your Subject Librarian to book a meeting with a librarian of your choice. Contact your subject librarian if you would like to schedule a course-integrated research workshops for your students.

Instruction and Information Literacy Workshops​​​​​

  • Fact, False, or Just Flawed: Critically Examining News
    We've all heard the terms “Alternative Facts” and “Fake News,” but what does it all mean and who do we believe? This page contains resources to help you evaluate and fact check news sources from Buzzfeed to The New York Times.
    Presenter: Sarah Wingo
  • Fair Use in Academic Settings
    Learn about the 4 factors of Fair Use from a former member of the American Library Association's Copyright Advisory Network.
    Presenter: Alfred Fry
  • Open Educational Resources
    Open educational resources can reduce textbook costs for students and push publishers to reconsider their textbook publishing models. If you are not entirely satisfied with the textbook you are using and are interested in learning about options, this workshop is for you.
    Presenter: Linda Hauck
  • Researcher's Toolbox: Newspapers & Magazines
    Newspapers and magazines are widely used to gauge public attitudes and awareness. This workshop takes a close look at the discovery of national and international news sources. It covers daily news as well as magazines and newspapers aimed at specific interest groups. Mundane but critical tasks such as locating a cited source, determining the availability of news sources in the local collection, and citing news sources will be addressed as well. Special attention will be paid to digital archives and some of the challenges and opportunities they present.
    Presenter: Jutta Seibert
  • Research Workshop for Specific Databases
    A librarian will prepare a customized workshop for the research databases of your choice.