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Publishing, Copyright, and Sharing Workshops

  • Deciding Where to Publish: Finding Publication Venues That Align With Your Goals
    Whether it’s your first time publishing or you are a publishing veteran, deciding where to publish can be a daunting task that will impact you for years to come. This presentation will help get you started in establishing your publishing criteria for what you need at this point in your career and evaluating those publication venues based on the criteria you develop. The session will also briefly cover copyright issues in publishing as well as some best practices for submitting, reading/negotiating publishing contracts, and sharing your work after it’s published.
  • I Wrote My Dissertation...Now What?: What Graduate Students Should Know About Copyright and Publishing
    You're writing or have finished your dissertation...what's next? Should you embargo? Put it on ProQuest? Should you formally register for copyright? Should you use a Creative Commons license? What about the future? Are you planning on publishing based on your dissertation? This workshop will cover these issues and more, discussing your scholarship now and in the future. You will learn about your rights as an author and how to protect them, things to take into consideration as you prepare for subsequent publication, and general tips and tricks for publishing and sharing your work. There will be ample time for Q&A., so bring your questions!
  • Measures of Impact
    Learn about impact factors, face impact factors, other citation measures, and altmetrics.
    Presenters: Alfred Fry
  • Publishing for Early Career Authors
    Combining presentation and open discussion, this workshop looks at the larger publishing ecosystem and common issues authors often face when they publish, such as losing rights to their work. We will cover best practices to ensure authors avoid many common pitfalls that could prevent them from sharing or reusing their work in the future and will discuss how authors can balance increasing their visibility with tenure and promotion pressures.
  • Reusing Responsibly: Copyright Basics
    We create and interact with copyrighted material every day, whether it's sending an email, replying to a tweet, writing a book, or making a podcast. This presentation will give you the tools you need to better understand what gets copyright and how to reuse copyrighted content responsibly.
  • Selecting a Journal for Publication
    Librarians discuss resources that assist with the discovery and evaluation of journals for publication.
    Presenters: Alfred Fry, Jutta Seibert
  • Sharing Your Work: Academic Social Networking Sites and Beyond
    There are a number of professional social media sites that allow you to share your academic work with colleagues and others: Humanities, Commons, Academia.edu, ResearchGate, etc. But are these sites right for you? Are you even allowed to post your work by your publisher? In this workshop, we will discuss some of the many academic social networking sites and their benefits and caveats. We will also discuss copyright and how the agreements you sign with your publishers might affect how, where, and with whom you are legally allowed to share your work.
  • Things Everyone Should Know about Copyright and Publishing
    No matter where you are in the publishing process - whether you are just beginning to think about publishing or already have several publications out - you likely have outstanding questions about copyright and publishing. Can I use this image in my work? What can I do with my work once it's published? What does that agreement I signed actually say? Can I post my work on a certain website?
  • Understanding and Negotiating Publisher Contracts: What to Look for Before You Sign
    You wrote an article, and it was accepted! The publisher sends you a publishing agreement to sign, but what does that agreement actually say? What rights are you giving away, and what rights do you retain? Can you post your article to your website? Can you use it in the classroom? Can you send it to colleagues?
    This workshop will: look at a variety of agreements across different disciplines; give you tools to understand general journal policies on when and how you can post articles; show you ways that you can negotiate with publishers to retain more rights to your work; and discuss ways that you can share your work more widely.
  • Use, Publish, Share: Creative Commons Licensing
    Learn about a wealth of open access resources that can be re-used with proper attribution under Creative Commons licensing.
    Presenters: Sarah Wingo, Jutta Seibert