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Digital Humanities

This guide is suggested for students interested in the Digital Humanities.

Journals & News
DH Centers & Organizations

For more information on Library DH projects and events, see the Aurelius Digital Scholarship Initiative website.

Defining Digital Humanities

Digital Humanities is an active and dynamic area of scholarship, so the definition varies depending on who and when you ask.

Broadly speaking, however, this definition from Wikipedia gives a good idea of what Digital Humanities encompasses: "The Digital Humanities are an area of research, teaching, and creation concerned with the intersection of computing and the disciplines of the humanities."

Although there was an emphasis on the humanities at the beginning of the movement, several centers and programs are now using the broader term "digital scholarship" to encompass digital methods of doing humanities, social science, and natural science research.

This topic guide provides a brief overview of resources.

Journals & News:


Some of these texts are older (and thus may refer to outdated technology or methodology), but they still provide insight into the earlier days of digital humanities/scholarship.


These two sites provide a collection of a few examples of DH projects.

DH Centers & Organizations


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