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Compendex and Inspec from Engineering Village is the most comprehensive engineering database, covering all disciplines. Use the checkboxes to simultaenously search Compendex and Inspec.
Use the Find It button at the bottom of the Detailed record to check for full text.

Web of Science Use the Find It button to check for full text.

Using the Find It button

Unfortunately, the Find It button will only get you half way to the article because you do not have passwords. Assuming that we have the article, here's how to get the rest of the way.

1. After clicking on the Find It button, get the database name (next to the Article and Journal links).

2. Click on Databases A-Z and find the database you need.

3. Roll-over (don't click) the database name to get the URL.

4. While on campus, type in the second half of the URL. For example, if the URL is

then you can bypass the password by typing in just

5. Go back to Compendex or Web of Science to get the title of the article.

6. Go back to the database you just opened and search for the title.