Click on a + sign to find the location for a library space, as well as directions to the library location.

General locations

  Main Library and Old Falvey

  Restrooms (Main Library)

  Stairwells (Main Library)


  Book Stacks - Falvey West (A-DX call numbers/ DVD collection)

  Book Stacks - 3rd Floor (E-PM call numbers)

  Book Stacks - 4th Floor (PN-Z call numbers)


  The CAVE

  Digital Scholarship Lab

  Director's Office

  Dugan Polk Reading Room

  Graduate Student Lounge

  Griffin Room (AKA 'Falvey Library Instructional Classroom')

  Idea Lab / Idea Accelerator

  Learner's Studio / Center for Speaking & Presentation

  Learning Support Services

  The Math Center

  Recording Studio

  Ryan Center

  Speaker's Corner

  Special Collections

  Subject Librarian Offices

  "The Triumph of David" Painting

  UNIT Tech Zone

  University Archives

  Viewing Room 3 / VR3

  Writing Center

  101 - 105 Classrooms

  205 Room

  301 Classroom

  415 Classroom