Click on a + sign to find the location for a library space, as well as directions to the library location.

General locations

  Main Library and Old Falvey

  Restrooms (Main Library)

  Stairwells (Main Library)


  Book Stacks - Falvey West (A-DX call numbers/ DVD collection)

  Book Stacks - 3rd Floor (E-PM call numbers)

  Book Stacks - 4th Floor (PN-Z call numbers)


  The CAVE

  Digital Scholarship Lab

  Director's Office

  Dugan Polk Reading Room

  Graduate Student Lounge

  Griffin Room (AKA 'Falvey Library Instructional Classroom')

  Idea Lab / Idea Accelerator

  Learner's Studio / Center for Speaking & Presentation

  Learning Support Services

  Math Learning Resource Center

  Recording Studio

  Ryan Center

  Speaker's Corner

  Special Collections

  Subject Librarian Offices

  "The Triumph of David" Painting

  UNIT Tech Zone

  University Archives

  Viewing Room 3 / VR3

  Writing Center

  101 - 105 Classrooms

  205 Room

  301 Classroom

  415 Classroom