The availability of food and beverages can make studying in the library more comfortable, yet food and beverages can stain books and carpets, damage equipment, and encourage rodents and other pests.

To create a pleasant environment for all library users and protect library resources, please follow these guidelines:


All food permitted in Holy Grounds

Quiet, neat, non-fragrant snacks permitted in study areas

X No food permitted in Special Collections or University Archives


Covered drink containers permitted

X No alcoholic beverages

X No drinks permitted in Special Collections or University Archives


X Smoking is prohibited within 25 feet of the Library

X No smoking, vaping, use of tobacco products or smoking devices inside the Library

•  Food waste, beverage containers, and wrappers must be disposed of in trash or recycling bins.
•  Study areas should be left clean. Please alert library staff to spills.

Users not complying with these guidelines will be reminded of the policy and then asked to relocate if they are unwilling to comply. Interpretation of these guidelines is at the discretion of Library staff. See the Library use policy for more information on using Falvey Memorial Library.

*Please refer to the Events Policies and Room Reservation Procedures for food and drink policies that apply during library events.