Many electronic subscription resources, including books, videos, full text and bibliographic databases, and data sources, can be accessed remotely from off-campus by Villanova students faculty and staff.


We use an proxy system to authenticate Villanova students, faculty and staff.  When accessing one of our our electronic subscription databases, journals or electronic books, users will be be asked for their Villanova username and password. This is called an LDAP and is the same one that is used for MyNova and Blackboard.

Basic TroubleShooting

Some common issues are listed below; first check to see if one of them could be making it difficult for you to connect.

  • When accessing Falvey Library from off campus you should go directly to the library website If you accessed the library through MyNova our proxy system may not work correctly.
  • Once you have accesed the library though, log into your account using your MyNova and Blackboard login.
  • Browser options or preferences need to be set to enable cookies to access our resources.
  • Some databases additionally require users to accept their terms of use upon each access.  Other databases require Villanova users to individually register with their Villanova e-mail address.
  • Firewalls, typically installed in workplaces, may impede access to our subscription databases.  Some IT departments are willing to adjust their ports to allow access.  Firewalls need to be set to allow port standard 80 and 443 for  database access.

Advanced TroubleShooting

  • If you have checked all of the above and are still unable to access electronic resources from off campus you can connect to the University network from off-campus by using UNIT’s VPN (Virtual Private Network) Gateway. This allows a secure connection to the campus network via a broadband internet connection (such as Cable or DSL) and all on-campus only resources such as Banner, network drives and printers, and remote desktop.
  • If off campus access is a reoccuring problem you may also wish to try our Browser Bookmarks for off campus use. 

    When on campus many of our resources recognize our users automatically by the IP address of their connection. When these same pages are viewed off-campus they may restrict your access to content unless you authenticate as a Villanova user. To make this process easier we have created some small bookmarks for your browser to re-direct your browser to log in to our authentication system and give you full access.

    Find your browser below and follow the directions to add this tool to your browser bookmarks:

    Internet Explorer:

    Right-click this link: VU Proxy  and select "Add to Favorties..."
    You may see an warning that "This link may be unsafe." We have vetted the link and vouch that it is safe to add.


    Right-click this link: VU Proxy    and select the "Bookmark This Link"

    Google Chrome and Safari:

    Click and drag the link into your bookmarks toolbar: VU Proxy 

  • If issues persist, please contact us by calling 610-519-4270 or contacting our staff by chat when available.