Loan Periods

Books from the Main Stacks


Bound & Current 


Popular and Audio Books

Headphones, Dell Laptop Power Cords, Ethernet Cables


30 days

7 days

3 hours

Varies from 2 hours 
to 7 days.

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30 days

3 hours,

library use only

3 hours, library
 use only


No renewals are permitted on Main Stacks, Group Study Rooms, Reserve, and Media materials. One renewal is permitted on Laptops, Laptop parts, and Audio Books.

All library material types are subject to recall by another library patron or department. A recall will shorten your loan period and a notice will be sent to notify you of the adjustment to your due date. Failure to comply with a recall may result in a suspension of library privileges

Borrowing Limits
You may borrow up to 25 Main Stacks books, 10 Reserve items, and 3 Mixed Media items.  Other limits may apply.

Lost Books

University staff may pay a flat $100 replacement fee or provide a brand new copy of the same title, edition, binding, and ISBN number. The replacement copy must be in new or very good condition and must not contain any visible damage or marks of any kind. Any late fines that had accrued plus a processing fee of $15.00 will be payable upon receipt and approval of the replacement copy.